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Any type of addiction is completely curable.

I am a former addict, I have been treated and revived from addiction.

After the completion of my treatment I have continued my education in psychology to provide help and support to others.

There are two major approaches toward addiction:

First approach is called withdrawal or cold-turkey. In this approach the drug abuser must cease to use any type of drugs immediately and then he will be introduced to some psychological sessions or group therapies.

The second approach is medical-assisted treatment in which drug abuser starts taking some sort of medicine to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

Apart from these two major approaches, we believe there is a third approach.

First, let me ask you, what is addiction? How craving starts? Why do they utilize medicine? Are experts trying to treat or cure something? Or is it just a substitution?

We believe addiction is rooted in body, however, worldview must not be neglected.

The DST method is fully capable of curing any sort of addiction. More than twenty five thousands individuals has used this method and found the cure successfully.

The living proof is the best sort of proof. I am the pain and the medicine both. I have lived dark days of addiction and now I am living a joyful life.

I am not talking about what experts call recovery! Do they actually recover or do they continue a hard life consisted of daily battle against craving!

A proper treatment on the other hand can solve addiction completely.

Our treatment is provided for other countries as well.

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Ehsan Ranjbar

  Psychologist and a revived addict.